Tom's Inspiration:

The name was obviously a take off on 'War and Peace'. This neat little 1/32 scale chopper was another of the Snap Tite series for beginning modelers. I went a bit wild with the ZOOMIE upswept dual exhaust pipes. Can't recall whether the rider was supposed to be me or Roger Harney, who was head of the Monogram Model Shop. Hmmm...must have been Roger.

Year: 1972

Scale: ~1/32

NOBLE NOMAD! Roar 'n Peace - a chopper man and his scoot doing their turf! A righteous model that's gotta be the wildest sight on wheels. The bike is really in - tiny hump tank, long raked forks with a square-beam headlight, high back seat, far out up-sweep exhaust! The dude on this wild scoot sports neat traveling clothes and as he does his wheelie, flicks the peace sign to all the citizens. Roar 'n Peace - a great kit that's really easy to put together!