Tom's Inspiration:

The Sand Crab name came as a result of watching dune buggies scurrying over, around and between sand dunes. Reminded me of crabs at the beach, high on sea weed. This was a light hearted approach to a fun vehicle obviously done during the whacko era of love'n peace and all that good stuff. I liked the look of this buggy design better than the real , full-size designs I had done. That's what's so cool about designing one to tell you how to do it.

Year: 1969

Scale: 1/24

Here's a mod styled dune buggy by Tom Daniel that'll flake the salt off your parched lips and shake the sand out of your sockets! It'll leap the tallest sand pile in a single bound! All new custom body design with tinted "See-Thru" roof is powered by a might 1600 VW engine with dual Weber carb set up. Lots of chrome plated parts and big, bad ribbed dune chopper tires on mag wheels set off the Sand Crab and as something else!