Tom's Inspiration:

YUCK! This was done at the end of the line between TD and Monogram. I had started this kit to be a 'Sand Dragster', with huge, ribbed rear tires...and as an aside, it was made from the bones of the 'Dog Catcher'...someone at Monogram finished it, including the shark fin on the roof; and the hokey decals. Nuff said.

Year: 1975

Scale: 1/24

Watch out for the Sand Shark! This mean monster is the most menacing machine you'll ever lay eyes on! That potent Pontiac mill with eight Webber carbs and ram tube injectors would bang out enough power to make this custom rod a winner on the quarter-mile, city street, or show rod circuit. And dig that comfy interior with contour seats, chrome "T" shift lever, and handle bar steering control, all protected by a sleek cleat plastic canopy. It's gotta be a perfect hauler for surf boards or scuba gear. But the biggies that add a different twist are the super Sand Shark decals and sinister-looking fins.