Tom's Inspiration:

While many kids rode to school in a bus when I was growing up, I never did and always wanted to. Finally I got to ride in one when I was about 13 years old and man it was crazy! That stuck with me when I designed this kit. The other hot thing at the time was dual engines like the freight train concept. I gave it that tilt-up body to show all that off and made cartoon-crazy kids for the windows. Kids could really relate to it.

Year: 1970

Scale: 1/24

Here's the wildest idea ever in a funny drag machine! Imagine a DUAL blown Chrysler fueler, with the latest trick chassis and ...GASP!, a chopped and narrowed fiberglass GMC-style school bus shell. Tilt up the body to see those crazy oversize air ducts running to the big blowers. Driver's compartment with bucket seat and roll cage sits way back on the new aircraft type frame with gas and water tanks up front. It's gotta be the hottest ever, with 2000 horsepower smoking those huge wrinkled slicks out of the lights. IT'S MINDBENDING! The guys will really flip when they see the S'cool Bus...and watch their eyes cross in disbelief as you tilt up the one-piece body, set the brace and show off all super-custom goodies inside. TWO Hemi Chryslers move this mean machine. Popping a wheeilie off the starting line, she'll hit more than 190 mph. (How'd you like to ride to school in 30 seconds?) Tom Daniel has come up with what has got to be the most unreal design of all time.. Dig those windows! Tinted all around with funny pictures of wild-eyed kids lookin' out at you from the S'cool bus...don't miss it!