Tom's Inspiration:

This was the second version the 'Muscle Bug', with different color, box and decals. I had proposed much better (I thought,) colors, and graphic decals, but was over ruled by the Gods at Monogram. Someday (hopefully), before I croak, a 'magic' book with details about my designs will be produced as an 'adjunct' to Mr. Robert Reders extraordinary book titled: The First 40 Years of Monogram. We'll see.

Year: 1971

Scale: 1/16

Smug Bug? You'd be smug too if you were backed with so much power. This very wild VW is powered by a mean, blown Hemi that sports "bird-shooting headers. It's "wheelie wheels" keep the rear off the track when the torque turns those super slicks. Supporting the fat treads are sparkling slotted mag wheels. The rear half of the body tilts back to show-off the gigantic power plant. The front half tilts forward to expose the full detailed driver's compartment. Roll cage, tach, shifter, custom wheel and twin bucket seats complete the interior. The Smug Bug- - properly powered!