Tom's Inspiration:

'Top Chop', indeed! Done in large 1/12 scale, this model has a truly unique body design, that is molded around a trans verse mounted Hemi Engine at the rear. The 8 beautifully formed 'Organ Pipe' exhaust stacks, bellow awesome sounds to the high heavens.

Year: 1972

Scale: 1/12

The Top Chop trike has to be one of the best designed 3-wheelers around. Tom Daniel has done it again! The power plant he jammed into this far-out scoot is a sidewinder, blown Hemi with chromed blower case, split injection scoops and eight chromed "sky-scraper" exhaust stacks. Torgue generated by this big mill is transferred to the big rear racing slicks, mounted on super chrome reversed wheels. Back wheelie wheels keep the rider from doing a head-over-heels act off the line. The springer front end sports dual hi-lo beam, square headlights... and, why not... twin canted, chromed spoked wheels! In the rider's rack - gear shifter, "evil-grip" handle bars, chromed gas cap and guages, and winged-out foot pegs make for tempting travel. The sculptured yellow body and its eye-zonkin' color treatment add the finishing touches to the wildest of wild trikes!