Tom's Inspiration:

This is still one of my most favorite that has been ripped off and copied world-wide! Even the Russians stole this one. The split Injectors mounted to the Blower Housing is truly unique (it allowed the driver to see where he was going). Spider theme, stickpin, pincer nose diaplane, radically chopped coupe top...still very cool. I built one a few years ago and painted the body orange...and it really looks good. (a Brazilian T'rantula). I'd love to see this design in 1/24 scale die-cast finished/painted 'collector' form. ...HEY! Revell/Monogram...are you listening?

Year: 1968

Scale: 1/24

Green and wild, this show-n'-go rail dragster is out to beat all the competition. With a big 427 c.i. single-overhead cam Ford V-8 engine, belt-driven blower, dual intakes and spider leg exhaust headers, it looks like it's ready to make its move.