Tom's Inspiration:

In hind sight, we probably should have called this 1/32 scale Snap Tite model kit "L'il T'rantula". It is one of the more 'rare' - hard to find Snap kits. Design-wise, it is even MORE radical than its 'big brother' 1/24 scale kit. The 'Spider Web' shadow base is a real hoot!

Year: 1971

Scale: ~1/32

SPIDER BITER! What a railer! The T'rantula, a drag terror with black treads and green body. Another wild creation from the California car man, Tom Daniel. The mid-center mill is really mean with dual air intakes and eight header pipes. Doing its wheelie, this dragster has louvered fenders to cool off those big burnin' slicks. To light the way, a cluster of headlights are mounted up front. Fun and easy to build, the T'rantula is a great gassy railer!