Tom's Inspiration:

Back in the dark ages when I was a kid, Road Rollers were to me fearsome machines that shook the ground when they rumbled past. Powered by steam (steam rollers), or by internal combustion gas engines, they could move with surprising speed. I used to imagine what a person would look like after one of those monsters 'rolled' over him. I envisioned about as thin as a piece of paper! Naturally, as the 'construction' vehicle series of designs progressed for Monogram, I HAD to design a Road Roller, except it had to be a "Show" "Unreal" Roller. ... And I don't care what anyone sez...I LIKE IT!

Year: 1971

Scale: 1/24

Tom Daniel has finally flipped out! Just look at his latest creation...a mind-snapping vision that was once a steamroller! This showstopping, eyepopping machine is low and mean and sits proud on it super side chromed rollers! Blasting up through the hood is a bad, fuel injected mill with blower case, scoop and zoomie headers. No doubt...this is the world's fastest roll-about. The breezy driver's compartment sports a "hot-foot" gas pedal and chromed tractor seat. Overhead, a corrugated chrome roof. More of the wheelie wheels, bubble fuel tank and vintage-time carriage lights. The UNREAL ROLLER....a fun kit that'll make you roll!