Tom's Inspiration:

This is the same design and features as the 'Top Chop'...but with new decals and color. I think this is the better of the two versions, with more eye appeal. The 'Vampire' name just sort of materialized out of thin air.

Year: 1974

Scale: 1/12

Quick as a dart... agile as a bat... with its deadly, gas sucking 8-cylinder engine... it's the Vampire... unscrupulous demon of the roadway. It takes Mr. Big of the cycle crowd to tame the savage spirit of this mercenary machine. California custom designer Tom Daniel sunk his fangs into this creation and snarled wildly at the thought of such a sinister cycle. >From the unbelievable canted twin spoken wheels in the front, to the eight chrome-plated "skyscraper" exhaust stacks behind the plush padded, high-rise seat, this superscoot is loaded with the latest custom features that gotta go with a wild show trike... springer front fork, "evil-grip" handle bars, winged-out foot pegs, wheelie wheels and dual square sport-style headlamps. Luxury driver's rack has gear shift handle, chrome plated gas cap, and instrument guages. For blood curdling power, that big, blown Hemi engine is mounted sidewinder style with direct drive to the two huge rear wheels, and sucks its atmosphere through twin injection scoops. Colorful eye-zonkin' decals add the finishing touch.