TD Signed Glossy Print

Product TD-CA.002
Car Art print "50 Olds Rocket 88" signed by Tom Daniel

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As usual, I whacked and hammered the lid, but eased the onset of claustrophobia by adding a two-way roof panel. Custom high-mount sum shade/sideview mirrors are attached to the doorframes. The shaved and louvered hood had rounded corners, the headlights and turn signals are frenched. A custom grille-surround mirrors the shape of the stock chrome grill, fitted with straight chrome bars. High-intensity Halogen driving lights are tucked into the lower corners.

A roll pan continues the smooth look. Wide-stance tires roll under flared fenders with five-spoke mags. The side-mount pipes have a body-colored cover molded into the rocker panels. The custom side vents behind the front flares are accented with white/orange/red/blue rocket exhaust styled flames. The shaved doors have solenoids, andą58 Vette taillights are fitted into the rear fender. An Olds Aurora V-8 would be a great power source.

This is an 8.5" x 11" glossy print signed and dated by Tom Daniel. It's printed on Hammermill Jet Print Ultra Gloss paper from a quality Epson inkjet printer. Beautifully retouched with vibrant color, but not "colorfast" (will fade near sunlight).