TD Signed Glossy Print

Product TD-CA.008
Car Art print "42 Series 70 Buick Roadmaster" signed by Tom Daniel

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Išve always thought "pontoon" fendered Buicks were great for full-on customizing. For this design, a bright red body was a must. A whacked lid is converted into a classic Carson-style top with small side windows. The interior features maroon tuck Œnš roll. The shaved, modified hood has rounded corners, and Appletons are on the A-pillars. The shaved, solenoid-operated doors have rounded corners. Chrome custom dual header plugs poke through the lower edge of the fenders, with yellow free-form flames and deco blue striping.

The frenched headlights have overhead peaks. The custom-molded grille-surround extends under the headlights, giving an even broader look to that Buick "smile." The vertical bars are modified š48 Buick or tubes. Custom teardrop-shaped turn signals flank the grille, and a roll pan adds to the smooth flow. Bumpers? We donšt need no stinking bumpers! Vertical louvers are punched in (actually, out) of the skirts. Custom turn signals mimic and reside in the stock location. The red slammer rolls on wide whites and chrome wires.

This is an 8.5" x 11" glossy print signed and dated by Tom Daniel. It's printed on Hammermill Jet Print Ultra Gloss paper from a quality Epson inkjet printer. Beautifully retouched with vibrant color, but not "colorfast" (will fade near sunlight).