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Product TD-CA.013
Car Art print "9/65 R&C cover" signed by Tom Daniel

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AH, YES!...The "Good 'ol Days" -(almost 40 years now), when Rod & Custom Magazine cost you only 50 cents! Man, Oh, Man!

I had been doing'Idea Sketches' of '32 Ford's for the "Off the Sketchpad" feature pages in R&C; and this 'Cover Art' watercolor and acrylic illustration was my idea of a radical 1932 Ford Roadster/Coupe. You can just make out the 'hint' of the '32 Ford Grille Shell on this design. Still pretty tight and sleek looking, even today, circa 2003!

For those that don't know R&C Magazine History, the "Off the Sketchpad" Feature was 'created' by the original Art Director at R&C - Lynn Wineland - who went on to become the 2nd editor of that August Magazine.

Also, I think the neat "Build this '27'T' Roadster" pictured, was one of the terrific models built by Don Emmons...who set the standards of 'hot rod model building' in those days.

This is an 8.5" x 11" glossy print signed and dated by Tom Daniel. It's printed on Hammermill Jet Print Ultra Gloss paper from a quality Epson inkjet printer. Beautifully retouched with vibrant color, but not "colorfast" (will fade near sunlight).