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22.5 " wide X 15.5 inches tall:
TD Signed Giclee Print

Product TD-CA.016
New Box Art print "Beer Wagon" signed by Tom Daniel

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This "all new" BEER WAGON artwork will no doubt be the last time I ever do a painting of this now "classic" model design. (2004)

I thought it fitting to juxtapose the 'modern' hot rod suds hauler with the truly 'original' beer wagon - being pulled by the famous Clydesdale 'draft' horse team. Clydesdale's have long been my favorite breed of horse; the very personification of power; they are truly majestic and regal animals.

This is a 22- 1/2" wide X 15-1/2 inches tall, museum-quality Giclee print on 180 dram pH-balanced matte paper stock. It's signed and dated by Tom Daniel (E-mail Tom if you prefer it unsigned.)