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23" wide X 18" inches tall:
TD Signed Process Print

Product TD-CA.017
1984 work "'1957 Bel Air" signed by Tom Daniel

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The ever popular 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air was designed by my former instructor (at Art Center School), mentor and dear friend, the late Bob Cadaret. The paint medium I used was Gouache (opaque watercolor). While the background was air brushed, the car itself was all hand brush work - with the exception of the white "boinga" highlights which were also done with my old favorite Thayer & Chandler model A air brush.

This print is 23" wide X 18 inches tall and printed in sheet-fed, 4-color process, on semi-glossy HEAVY paper stock It's signed and dated by Tom Daniel (E-mail Tom if you prefer it unsigned.)