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Product TD-AP.005
Airplane Art print "Preflight" signed by Tom Daniel

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For the same collector, I painted this watercolor of a French Built NIEUPORT28C-1, which was the first A.E.F. (American Expeditionary Force) fighter to see action during World War I. The NIEUPORT sported twin machine guns and was powered by a 160 HP Gnome Rotary engine.

Douglas Campbell, who is credited with shooting down the infamous "Red Baron" (Baron Manfried Von Richtofen), became the 1st American "Ace" in WWI, while flying the NIEUPORT.

This is an 8.5" x 11" glossy print signed and dated by Tom Daniel. It's printed on Hammermill Jet Print Ultra Gloss paper from a quality Epson inkjet printer. Beautifully retouched with vibrant color, but not "colorfast" (will fade near sunlight).