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Product TD-LS.010
Matte print "The Fast Mail" signed by Tom Daniel

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"THE FAST MAIL" mixed media 1993/2004©

I was very fortunate to have lived during that time in history that encompassed the heyday of the glorious era of "Steam locomotives" as the main source of long distance (as well as local) transportation in America. Those incredible sights, sounds and the wonderful aroma of 'saturated steam' and 'hot coal oil'; the ground trembling under your feet as some behemoth of the rails roars past you, belching steam, smoke and fire - engineering wonders of reciprocating mechanical motion - who each seemed to have its own soul and personality -streaking away for some unknown far-off destination are etched forever in my entire being.

8-1/2 X 11 inch format, printed on matte finish Graphic Image Paper from a quality Epson inkjet printer. Beautifully retouched with vibrant color, but not "colorfast" (will fade near sunlight).