Blowin Down Print

TD Signed Watercolor Print

Product TD-RR.001
Watercolor print "Blowin' Down" signed by Tom Daniel

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I painted this watercolor back in 1980, of the narrow gauge Carson & Colorado Rail Road - Engine # 8, a 4-6-0 type Steam Locomotive, crossing a trestle over the Owens River in northern Nevada. I used a black and white photo by Don Duke as reference, and added various elements to the scene - such as the 'local' duck population taking to the air as the steam 'monster' approaches. Old # 8 was retired after a colorful career of 'rail roadin' in Nevada; and is now on display at Sparks, NV, as a reminder of the glory days of yesteryear and the era of steam.

This is an 27.5" x 22" watercolor print signed and dated by Tom Daniel. Professionally printed on archival pH-neutral paper; suitable for framing.